lunes, 16 de abril de 2012


Lastmonth, I met Will Smith in a petrol station in Alcázar. I saw him in the distance and I realised that it was my favourite actor in person; so I told my dad to stop the car and I ran to him. Will was furious because his car was broken and nobody could understand him (his Spanish is quite bad). My father phoned a friend who is a mechanic and he repaired the car. It was just a little problem in the wheels. He was very grateful to us. I was very surprised and excited because I’ve been a fan for years.

While my father was doing the shopping, Will and I went to a close Burger King to have lunch (he was hungry after the incident). Both he and I had a hamburger to eat and coke to drink. He hadn’t been in a public fast food restaurant before and he liked the experience. However, lots of fans took photos of him, but neither Will nor I was annoyed about it. We were chatting for a while there after leave.

Then we went to the cinema to watch his new film. Everybody was looking at us. Both Will and I were embarrassed. When the film finished and after some more photos with fans, we went home. I introduced him to my family. My mother couldn’t believe that Will Smith was at home. She made hot chocolate and we talked for ages. Neither Will nor I wanted to leave but at eleven o’clock his wife phoned him and he had to go.

It was a fantastic date. Will gave me his e-mail address and we’ve chatted since that day every afternoon. He promised to show me his house, so this summer I’ll go for a holidays in the USA!

Autora: Blanca Novillo del Álamo

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