martes, 17 de abril de 2012


Six months ago, I met Kristen Stewart during the filming of her latest film, “Breaking Dawn” of the Twilight saga, where she is the protagonist. I won a few VIP passes in a radio contest. And thanks to the passes, I was lucky, and I could go to the filming of the movie. It was great and very exciting! When the filming ended, Kristen and I took several photos, and we chatted for ages, about our life, the school, hobbies and even about boys. She told me, her boyfriend was Robert Pattinson, the other protagonist on the film. I felt very well speaking with her. She understood me. She wasn’t conceited for being famous and that was good. And quickly we became friends. Then, she invited me to dinner and I said yes! She arrived to the hotel at eight o‘clock to pick me up. What a surprise when I entered the car. There they were Robert Pattinson, Kristen’s boyfriend, and her friend Taylor Lautner. We chatted a lot! It was amazing! I was going in limousine with three famous actors! Later, we arrived at the restaurant. I had salmon and a pasta salad like Kristen. The boys had vegetable soup followed by steak with mushrooms and chips. Too much for me! Suddenly, the waiter who was passing by my side stumbled and spilt a glass of wine over me. Taylor and Robert were laughing, but Kristen accompanied me very kindly to the bathroom. But the stain wouldn’t disappear. Taylor lent me his jacket. The jacket was a bit big but I liked his gesture and what a nice gesture! It was very gentlemanly. After dinner, we all went for a walk around the city. However, Robert and Kristen left soon. Taylor and I stayed alone. I was nervous. At about half past eleven (approximately) we decided to go to the disco to dance for a while. We entered the VIP night club. It was perfect! Both Taylor and I really enjoyed it. Hours passed on. We stayed until it close. Neither Taylor nor I wanted to leave! At the end of the date we went to the beach and he kissed me. It was so romantic! He asked me out and I said yes, of course! Finally he accompanied me to the hotel and he kissed me again. Everything was perfect! And now he calls me every day.
Autora: Cristina Quijorna Gómez (4SA)

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